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Flyer Printing

    Types of flyers: single-piece book style accordion-style and so on.
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Flyer is to publicize business for company. The design of flyers include the following categories:

1. Single-piece

Single-chip is a simple printed advertising flyer, 32mo or 16mo. These sizes is to carry, and affordable. While the single-piece flyer can not keep for a long time, it is more suitable for rapid and short term advertising.

2. Book style

Book style flyer is a printing material to introduce products directly. There are usually photos to show to customers and also product descriptions on the book style flyers. This type flyer has several pages bound together to form a book. 4 color printing is a normal printing way for book flyers. The design specification is generally 16mo.

3. Accordion-style

Accordion-style flyers is usually in the form of folding and adopts four-color printing. The design should be as exquisite and beautiful as we can. The displayed products must be shown in the most suitable point of view to insure clear and realistic. Besides, the words must be clear and looks comfortable. The whole color tone and content is harmonious tone. Remember our ultimate purpose is to increase customers’ purchasing desire.