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Why Do Notebooks Survive in the Information Age
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In the age of electronic devices, notebooks are used by all of people in office. Penetration is so high. Why do notebooks survive in the information age? What does it do with these electronic devices with the strongest "CPU"?

1. Convenient records, optional expression

Paper notebooks can help us to better capture inspiration. When you discuss with your leader or colleagues, you only need to take a notebook, and write down every suggestions. You can organize your thought after discussion by read the records. Compared to phone and computer, notebook is more optional. Especially phone, The keyboard is completed to operate, switching symbols and lines. Pen and paper is more convenient and quick.

2. Long term storage, easy to search and read

With the development of the level of paper and pens, notebooks can be saved for a longer time. It’s no problem to keep ten years. I believe you are rare to look works kept on electronic products after ten years. But for information you kept on notebooks is different.

3. Keep the data safely

For simple text data, especially recorded highlights, events, important data, I think notebook is more reliable to record. Because for hard disks, USB drivers, once the machine is broken, the data you save on is not easy to find again. It brings many problems for users.