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What are the Common Bookbinding Methods
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Bookbinding is to make printed pages and sections together into books. Bookbinding process include two big working processes: binding and packaging. Binding is to put printed pages together. It is the process of book block. Packaging is the process of book cover. I will introduce some bookbinding ways as follows:

1. Saddle stitching

Saddle stitching refers to bind both printed pages and book cover together by saddle stitching machine with two iron wires. Saddle stitching is not suitable for thick books. And before binding, all printed pages must be set together with book cover.

2. Wire side-stitching

Wire side-stitching is to put book block together by wire stapling machine with iron wire. The production efficiency of wire side-stitching is high. But the iron wire is easy to rust in damp air, which not only brings bad effect of the beauty of books, but also causes the breakage and falling of pages. Such binding method is suitable for books with less than 100 pages.

3. Thread stitching

Thread stitching is to put sections with lines in sequence by book sewing machine. Thread stitching can used for binding all thickness of books, fastness, and convenient to read. However, the working speed of thread stitching is slow.

4. Adhesive binding

Glue section and pages together into bookblock by adhesives. Firstly we set printed pages according to page number, saw into a groove in the spine, bind pages on the spine with strong adhesive. The bookblock using adheresive binding way can be used to both paper back book and hardcover book.