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Kraft Paper and White Cardboard Which Is Better for Mak
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As people’s environmental awareness increasing, paper bags are now used more and more widely. Kraft paper bags and ivory paper bags are the common used paper bags. Kraft paper and white cardboard which is better for making paper bags? I think there are pros and cons for both of them. Today I will do an analysis.

1. Ivory paper has good printing effect, but worse pull force and bursting strength

Although the printability of ivory paper is better than kraft paper, the ivory paper is easy to break. We have to coated a film on, which increase the production cost; while kraft paper is durable and strong. The kraft paper no needs laminating. It can be directly printed and made into paper bag, saving production costs;

2. Kraft paper bag is more environmentally friendly, more economic and effective

Since ivory paper has high short fiber content, in order to make it strong and durable, we have to cover a film on the ivory paper when make it into bag. Such production process is not environmental-friendly; however, kraft paper has high long fiber content, it is strong enough to be a paper bag, no need to coat. In addition, kraft paper bags can be recycled using, environmental protection.

To sum up, I think if we do not pursue gorgeous appearance, kraft paper bag is more economical and practical. Kraft paper bag can also be printed with simple words, lines, and color areas. It looks well equipped with the self skin of kraft paper. The craft paper bag can meet the pursuit of contracted and high-end, and accord with modern people's life habits – simple, quick and environmental protection.