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What Are Coated Paper Bags and Not Coated Paper Bags
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Coated is called "model", "framed glue", "film", etc. It refers to paste a transparent plastic film on the surface of printed matter by hot pressing process to protect and increase gloss effect. What are coated paper bags and not coated paper bags? Today I will give you a summary.

1. How to distinguish coated paper bags from not coated paper bags?

There is a layer of plastic on the surface of coated paper bags. Such paper bags are waterproof paper and good bearing, and look more upscale. That is why the price of coated paper bags is higher; No coated paper bags are generally made of kraft paper. Because kraft paper has high bearing, no need to coat.

2. What kinds of paper bags needing to coat?

Ivory paper, white cardboard, coated paper are all white, have good printability, suitable for 4 color printing, and can be printed with beautiful patterns on. But they are not strong, and scare water. We usually coat film on their surface after printing to increase their strength and make them waterproof. There is no degumming phenomenon for coated papers. But the production cost is high.