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Book Printing

    Haishun Printing & Packaging Co. Ltd started with book printing 15 years ago. We have international top equipment and professional person. We’d like to be your reliable Cooperation partner.
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Haishun Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd started with book printing. We have been engaged in hardcover book printing for more than 15 years. We have mastered the leading printing technology, and have the world advanced printing equipment. Our printing quality received industry acclaim.

Book printing process includes three main production lines: book block processing, book cover processing and nested processing.

1. Book block processing: semi-finished product check → flatten → bound book → coating binder → drying → cutting → ridging → coating binder → glue ribbon → glue tail band → coating binder → glue book cloth and book back paper →coating binder → glue spine paper

2. Book cover processing: calculate the shell size → cutting → coating binder → put shell together → cover the sell and block → flatten → dry → gilding/sliver plating/UV and other surface processing.

3. Nested processing: coating middle binder → group the shell → rolling groove → pasting end → flatten and fixed form → dry → check the finished product → cover jacket → package and stick a logo


1. Having international top equipment and the most professional person

2. Quality guarantee, reasonable price, and first-class technology

3. Short production cycle and courteous service