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    Magazine printing is one of the main project of Haishun Printing & Packaging Company.
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In the magazine printing process, there are some problems customers need to pay attention to:

1. Before printing: The proofing process are evaluated in p. A4 is the common valuation standard. Print Proofing is the most basic document for checking color and others.

2. During printing: Printing is the key process for magazine printing. The valuation standard is color ream. If there is a spot color, such as spot color, LOGO printed by gilding or sliver plating, and so on. Customers must make note clearly. Because the color will be increased from 4 to 5 colors or 6 colors.

3. After printing: customers should make note to illuminate the binding ways (saddle stitching or adhesive binding), the folding details, the after printing technology (laminating, UV, die-cutting, gilding, convex area, etc.), packaging, packaging quantity, etc. And if you have special requirements please specify.