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    Postcard is made of coated paper white cardboard kraft paper etc. Its front is the envelope format and its back has a letterhead effect.
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Postcard is a information containing card that can be direct mailed without an envelope. But it must be affixed with a stamp when people post it. Its front is the envelope format, and its back has a letterhead effect.


1. Coated paper: for coated paper post card, its surface is smooth, and the color is bright and glossy. The smooth paper feels like the photo paper. It is very beautiful when print pattern on the coated paper. But, it is not easy to write words on since the paper is too smooth to absorb ink.

2. White cardboard paper: the white cardboard postcard is much thick. The surface is matte handled, which feels scrub and rough.

3. Kraft paper: retro style, but its color printing has great chromatic aberration. We do not recommended for use on this type of practice, unless the printed content is monochrome. The preferable colors are red, black and white. Other colors are easily distorted.

4. Pearlescent paper: silver, high-grade paper.


1. Make national post's image as the background, high reliability of advertising.

2. Low costs, wide scope of advertising communication

3. Moving people by feeling, a natural advertisement carrier

4. Can show different characteristics of different places.