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Brown Paper Bag

    Brown paper bag is made of kraft paper no poison no smell no pollution and low-carbon environment.

    Paper: Brown paper

    Print: 4 Color

    Handles: paper handles

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Brown paper bag is made of kraft paper, which is used for carrying goods. It is generally not covered, so that brown paper bag is the lowest cost paper bag, no poison, no smell, no pollution, and low-carbon environment.

Brown paper bag is widely used in supermarket, department store, shoe store, clothing shops and other places, helping customers to carry items purchased. Brown paper bag is advertised with high fastness and low cost, which is mainly used for carrying common goods. The color of brown paper bag is a little dark, so that it is suitable for being printed words and simple lines with dark color on. Besides, brown paper bag can also be printed with strong contrasting color areas. Brown paper bag can meet the environmental protection standards. And it is characterised by high strength and cheap making. So that it is currently one of the most popular environmental friendly packaging bags.


1. Simple, liberal, and practical

2. Economical, green and environmental protection.

3. Wear-resistant, strong, and recyclable.