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White Kraft Paper Bag

    White Kraft Paper Bag is the most widely used paper bags. Suitable for mass production.
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White kraft paper bag is a kind of kraft paper bag. White kraft paper bag has good toughness and high intensity. It is made of 100% pure wood pulp, environmental friendly and recyclable.

White kraft paper bag has good toughness, and no need to be coated. So its production cost is low. That is why it can be widely used as shopping bags. White kraft paper bag is not suitable to be printed content with too much ink on, because white kraft paper has no brightness and glossiness. White kraft paper bag is a good substitute for plastic bag. With the increased awareness of environment protection, White kraft paper bag will become more and more widely used.


1. Environmental protection, non-toxic, and widely used

2. Full automatic operation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production

3. Good toughness , no need to be coated, low production cost