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Ivory Board Bag

    High-end paper bag good printability thick and strong
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Ivory board bag is a kind of high-end bag, which is commonly used in high-end cloth and merchandise stores. It is almost the most expensive paper bag.

White cardboard is thick, strong, and good folding. Therefore, ivory board bag’s strength is the best in all of the paper bags. White cardboard is fine and pure white, its absorbency is very even and good, and its printability is high, so that it allows signers to use a variety of design techniques (including color concept). The pictures printed on it is very clear and beautiful. Ivory board bag looks very special and elegant.


1. Ivory board is thick and strong, which is easy to make special tote.

2. Ivory board has a good printability, which can be four-color printed.

3. Ivory board is fine and pure white, which make ivory board bag exquisite.

4. Ivory board bag has high strength, and good load-bearing performance.