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Whiteboard Paper Bag

    Laminating recycled paper low production coat environmental protection.
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White board is very brittle, so whiteboard paper bag must be coated with a film. However, the price of white board is very low, and whiteboard paper bag is a relatively low cost. Whiteboard paper bag is often used for carrying clothing and other goods.

White board is a kind of paper board whose front is white and smooth, and the back is mostly gray. The generally specification is 250 g -350 g. Its price is much cheaper than white cardboard. White board is a kind or strong paper board, so that white board paper bags can be used for carrying heavy items. Because the printability of white board is very common, only words, lines and color areas are suitable printed on white board bags.


1. High strength, can carry some heavy goods.

2. Having some printability, can be printed with words, lines, logo and color areas.

3. Very brittle, needing to be coated with film.