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Gift box

    Gift Box is usually used in jewelry high-end health products cosmetic electronics and other fields. Gift box is beautiful and can protect goods in it very useful.
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The structure of gift box can be designed according to the different shapes of goods insides. The inner structure of gift box is usually designed to multicompartment type to guarantee the stability of goods and protect them from breaking and scratching during transportation and display. In addition, the inner materials of gift box can be different according to different goods. The cover of gift box can be cloth, flannelette, PU, color printed paper, art paper and other materials. Application of gift box: jewelry boxes, high-end health products gift box, cosmetic box, electronics gift box, etc.

The main functions of gift box:

1. To keep goods inside having new appearance and durable

2. To prevent dust and particles in the air to corrode and damage goods surface

4. Providing customer a space to storage goods


1. Fine workmanship and reliable quality

2. Clean and smooth surface, no fold breakage, and no stain impurities

3. Tight and firm, not break loose

4. Direct manufacturer, and competitive price