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Color box production workshop

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Laminating: in order to adapt to the growing color box packaging market, our company has 3 full-automatic laminating machines and 2 high speed automatic laminating machines. The daily production capacity can reach to 300,000 pieces.

Die-cutting and stamping: die-cutting is the key step in the molding process. Now our company has 9 full-automatic MK die-cutting stripping machines (including 4 pieces are for food packaging workshop) and 2 automatic stamping machines (1 is particular for food packaging workshop) to meet the different molding process requirements.

Window patching and box gluing: patching window is to meet customers’ special need. Box gluing is the last step of paper bag production process. Our company now has 4 Automatic Window Patching Machines and 5 Full-automatic Box Folding-gluing Machines. The daily production capacity is 300, 000 corrugated boxes, and 800, 000 white card boxes.