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Haishun Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd had 10 printing machines. 2 Heidelberg four color and five color printing machines, 4 Japanese Komori 4 to 6 color printing machines, 3 KBA RAPIDA printing machines with 6 colors + oil, and 1 KBA full open printing machine 5+1, which can meet the rich and varied personalized printing needs.

We new bought 1 KBA RAPIDA 106 printing machine. This type printing machine is the first one that is equipped with eagle eye online testing system. It can check the specimen automatically and quickly identify the amount of ink in products. So that operators can adjust the printer quickly. Besides, it has the automatic paper feeding and paper receiving system, more automatically and intelligently. We also purchased 1 KBA Rapida 145 full open 5+1 printing machine whose printing format is 1450*1060mm, which can meet the needs of our clients for full printing.

Our printing workshop is equipped with special temperature and humidity device, which can ensure the workshop within controlled temperature and humidity, preventing the deformation of paper and improving the accuracy of product. At the same time, the ink printability can be ensured, and thereby the product quality and working efficiency can also be ensured.

Printing technology: Haishun actively do printing test and research. We have made many printing technology, improving the printing quality and level. Our core technology lays the foundation for the long-term development of our company.

The core printing technologies are as follows:

1. Rice paper printing technology (patented item)

2. Waterless printing technology

3. Glossiness testing technology

4. Adjust the printed output curve regularly technology

5. Built offset paper printing curve

6. Built rice paper printing curve

7. Introduced UV printing technology

8. High-end art reproduction technology