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Leaders from Dongli strict Tianjin bureau of quality supervi
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On October 15, 2015, leaders from Dongli strict Tianjin bureau of quality supervision visit and give guidance to Haishun. The chairman Yuan Ruhai, general manager Qing Dubing and other company leaders warmly received the visiting leaders.

During the visiting, the chairman Yuan Ruhai, general manager Qing Dubing detailed the development of our company, the development team construction and the future developing mode. The chairman Yuan showed them around the company's booth, and introduced the company's products and templates from the process, structure, connotation, etc. After that, in the third floor meeting room, we introduced the company development history, our new production process, equipment, technique, and products to the leaders in the form of PPT. At last, the delegation came to our work site. The production site manager gives detailed instructions on the production process and process of the product. The questions asked by the investigation group were answered and explained. After visiting, the investigation group gave high recognition to the development of the company, expressed the government's emphasis and expectation on Haishun, and they said they will continue to support the development of Haishun in the future work.

Tianjin Haishun Printing & Packaging was fully acknowledged by the government's leadership though this exchange. We also listened to the opinions and suggestions of the investigation group, providing a good foundation for the future development of Haishun.