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Color paper box

    Made of cardboard or fine corrugated board. The surface of color paper box is clean and tidy. Words and pictures on it are clear and no ink pollution.
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Color paper box is made of cardboard or fine corrugated board. It has the advantages of lightweight, portable carry, sources of raw materials, environmental protection, and fine printed. Color paper box is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cosmetic packaging, consumer packaging, cosmetic packaging, and other fields.

The function of color paper box:

1. Protect goods. Protect product from damage, and insure its quality;

2. Helpful for goods flow. Reasonable packaging can accelerate the flow of goods, and bring economic benefits;

3. Easy to identify goods. Whether the packaging can attract customers’ attention, catch the consumers’ eyes, and arouse their interest is the key for people whether choose the goods or not;

4. Promote goods sale. Beautiful packaging can play a role to beautify and promote merchandise, and its improve market competitiveness;

5. Add value to goods. Innovative and attractive packaging is an important way to product additional value for goods;

6. To prevent counterfeit. Using high security printing technologies increases the difficulty and cost of forged to eliminate possible incidents of counterfeiting.